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Self-created solutions by the SEIDOR Analytics team of innovators

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SEIDOR Analytics Products

Our innovation area focuses on creating tailored solutions for our clients. This work team addresses Innovation initiatives and ideas, complying with the internal development of the Companies. 
The area is made up of: A Committee of innovators that designs ideas. Innovative initiatives to start thinking about your development. Internal developers, who work on innovative initiatives shaping it to reach the final goal.


Discover how our services can enhance strategic decisions and take results to the next level.

computer data analytics


They are pre-packaged solutions to be able to fulfill processes that today represent a high degree of complexity or time demand.


They are the “technical” solutions for data extraction and connection to systems that are not done natively today.

data analytics
data analytics

solution model

These are comprehensive solutions with regular, recurring payment options


Learn about the tools we use to optimize, streamline and improve decision processes

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