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Snowflake Data Cloud

From a single platform, Snowflake powers your most critical data workloads:


A single platform creating a single cloud

Manage the data, not the infrastructure

Adapt a nearly infinite amount of dedicated processing resources in real time and for any user and workload. Thanks to a platform with almost zero management, you can quickly and cost-effectively extract the most comprehensive information from your data to provide the best service to your clients and discover new market opportunities.

A single platform creating a single cloud

Unify, integrate, analyze, and share previously siled data in secure, governed, and compliant ways. Get all these benefits through a single, seamless data experience that bridges multiple clouds and their geographic regions.

Immediate access to Data Cloud

With the Snowflake Cloud Data Platform, you can securely access the Data Cloud to share real-time data with your customers and business partners, as well as connect with thousands of different organizations doing business as data consumers, data providers and data service providers.

Creation of companies based on data

Make data-driven decisions, deliver modern, integrated data applications to your organization and customers, and generate new data-driven revenue streams to help drive your business forward.