SAP Analytics Cloud

A single cloud solution for business intelligence and enterprise planning. Get all the cloud analytics features you need – Business Intelligence (BI), augmented and predictive analytics, and enterprise planning – into One Cloud environment.


One Simple Cloud

The One Simple Cloud strategy removes past limitations, giving access to high-quality data. Hear Gerrit Kazmaier, SVP and head of Analytics, Database and Data Management at SAP, discuss the One Simple Cloud Strategy for SAP Analytics Cloud and how it’s shaping the future of decision-making.



Integrated Planning

Make end-to-end decisions with confidence, drive better business outcomes and gain full alignment across all business areas with extended planning and analysis in one single workflow.

Data Exploration and visualization

Empower business users to safely and securely work with governed data and create stunning interactive dashboards. Uncover and deliver actionable insights across the enterprise with intuitive self-service analytics.

Enterprise Platform Services

Gain a holistic view of your business in seconds, with a seamless blending of multiple data sources, eliminate silos and streamlines secured access to information.

Augmented Analytics

 Automatically receive strategic insights with SAP Analytics Cloud’s embedded machine learning technology – helping you go from insight to action.


SAP Analytics Cloud seamlessly integrates with your data and planning solutions to simplify your analytics landscape. Connect to data from multiple different sources and visually analyze your information to see the full picture of your business and make better-informed decisions.


Access all analytics with one user experience

• Discover, analyze, plan, and predict in one experience across all devices.
• Make end-to-end decisions with data management and analytics together in one place.
• Scale to meet the needs of your business and diverse users across all decision types (strategic, operational, and tactical).

Business Intelligence

• Gain instant insights and take action in context of business processes.
• Analyze, predict, plan, and execute within your business process for instant insight to action.
• Increase engagement, and accountability with built in collaboration capabilities.

Create financial and operational plans with integrated plans

• Act in the moment by planning, analyzing, and simulating your data directly within your enterprise solution.
• Continuously collaborate with your team on plans within context for increased accountability.
• Discover predictive planning by uncovering top performance influencers with predictive forecasting and machine learning tools.

Smarter and faster decisions with AI-driven insights

• Ask questions in a conversational manner and get instant results explained in natural language.
• Detect drivers of a KPI and take the best action using automated machine learning that discovers unknown relationships in data.
• Predict outcomes, generate forecasts and automate predictive planning with confidence.


Leveraging machine learning technology and embedded artificial intelligence, SAP Analytics Cloud helps everyone in your organization access critical information, discover deep insights, and make informed business decisions.

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