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Application planning based on the way you work

Kepion Planning

Kepion Planning is an innovative technology built on top of the Microsoft business intelligence platform that allows you to integrate all of your planning, budgeting, and forecasting functions into a single solution. By using Kepion, finance and accounting teams can eliminate the manual process of data collection as part of their routine and focus on making key decisions that drive the organization's overall results.


Kepion Reports

Kepion Reporting is built on Microsoft's industry-leading business intelligence platform, providing powerful analytical and collaboration capabilities for all your business needs. Kepion panels can be created quickly with little or no training required. Finance, sales and operations teams can use Microsoft BI tools to connect directly to Kepion for additional reporting and analysis.


Solutions by Departments

Find out how Kepion can be used according to your needs. Kepion's integrated planning platform provides the flexibility to build applications for finance, sales and operations. Discover new ways to use Kepion to improve business planning across your organization. Below are some sample apps that may fit your business.


Basic financial planning

Integrate your budgeting and forecasting process into a single, integrated financial planning platform for immediate impact on your financial reporting.

Expense planning

Simplify and streamline expense forecasting, planning, and analysis. Get more accuracy on departmental budgets, identify cost savings, and get a complete overview of total company spend.

Workforce Planning

Go beyond HR reports and move on to effectively plan for the future. Streamline and optimize labor levels and labor-related costs.

Capital Asset Planning

Manage capital asset acquisitions, automate depreciation schedules, and get a complete overview of the financial impact on your bottom line.

Control panel

Monitor and track performance using KPIs and dashboards. Assemble executive, managerial, and operational scorecards.

Reports and analysis

Provide secure, real-time access to what-if analyses, reports, and dashboards across actual, forecast, and departmental budgets.

Financial consolidations

Streamline intercompany reconciliations and period-end closing with an integrated platform that connects departmental budgets.


Sales performance management

Integrate your sales forecasting, territory and quota planning, and sales FTE capacity planning process into a single sales performance management solution.

Income planning

Create and collaborate on sales plans that align operations, sales, and finance teams. Real-time analytics provide insights into new opportunities.


ask for planning

Drive better consensus demand planning with easier collaboration across sales and marketing. Learn about statistical models and forecast accuracy.

supply planning

Plan and re-plan your supply chain network and capacity. Adjust lead times, inventory, and assess material and resource constraints.

Project planning

Create new projects, assign tasks, optimize resource levels, track plans, and generate multi-level reports to speed decision making.

Sales and operations planning

Accelerate your process maturity by empowering demand, finance, sales, and product planners to collaborate and understand financial impact and what-if scenarios.

Timesheet management

Quickly take advantage of time tracking apps that help your organization better manage and monitor project deliverables and resources.

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